Svetlana Turok

Svetlana Turok

Chef editor of "Leaders Women" magazine | Russia

Journalism is an area from which it is impossible to fall. Only media representatives understand what an incredible dependence it is to be in the thick of things. And fashion industry is the sphere where I can fully reveal my creative potential and get satisfaction.

I always wanted to be the first, to do everything 100 percent, my dad brought up in me a sense of independence, he always told me that life is in your hands, and we are able to make it exciting, rich and interesting, also an important role in the formation of a person plays work when a person goes to his goal, he will be rewarded, and as for the mind and education – I appreciate all the people who are always self-educated, talented person is talented in everything.

One day I decided to leave the part in beauty contests to do what will bring me pleasure, and for people. There was a lot of doubt, but my family and faith in my idea were undermining me. I rabay designer fashion clothes, promoting the brand Lana2rock. In the spring of 2017 she was the author of the first collection of clothes for those who are professionally engaged in the presentation of dogs at exhibitions. Madly in love with animals and heads the club.

My opinion: it is always necessary to bring the begun business to the end. Love and believe in your business! Be sure to get the maximum profit. And to go in a new direction, taking with him the baggage of knowledge, very happy. It is always breathtaking from the novelty of adventure.

Women have changed the world at all times, but in modern society they have a special influence on everything that happens. All human achievements are closely related to his perception of himself, dreams and goals. This means that we can change a lot thanks to the steadfastness of character and way of thinking

Your message to the world: Achieve any goals! Nothing is impossible for any woman! I wish you inspiration and fulfillment of all his plans, and most importantly, do not lose the desire to live and develop. Magic exists, I've checked.