«The April Theses»

The current global situation with the COVID19 pandemic leaves no doubt that a humanistic revolution is inevitable. Today, when people are left alone with themselves and with the fear of death, feelings of acceptance and love become the most powerful practice of salvation from despair.
The new disunity of the world. Closed borders. Fear. The confusion of international organizations is cutting to pieces the idea of the integrity of humanity as a subject of humanistic development. In this situation, only living communities, united by values, respect and support for each other, remain the conduits of globalization, of the integrity of peace and of humanity. The international communities have a special mission today.

💃 Gender

1. The new situation gives a chance to intergender understanding and true inclusion. Only now men are able to appreciate the multitasking and skill of women who provide daily care for the family, maintaining the cultural space and comfort at home, combining this with work, creativity and concern for the quality of life and health. Only by being in the same space with women many will for the first time understand the power of this skill, the skill of life and happiness.
2. The destructive power of competition, aggression, and rigid communication is unacceptable within a family that spends 24 hours together in a confined space. Similarly, this power is destructive to the society as a whole. We have become painfully aware of that.
3. The women’s mission to maintain emotional stability for others as well as themselves is saving lives now. The talent of women’s soft leadership manifests itself through responsibility and acceptance, creation of opportunities and support. Now these and other natural abilities of women are particularly visible, and we hope that they will be recognized at a different level in the aftermath of the pandemic.

💃 Sisterhood

Now is the time for sisterhood, tender care for each other, interest in each other, communication, exchange of positive emotions, new practices of beauty and health. As sisters we are sharing today what we know and own with all who need it.


We have a new life ahead of us. We don’t know what it is going to be like yet. Thousands of people are likely to be in need and many people will lose their sense of social belonging after losing their jobs. But we believe that at the same time the role of true values, such as goodness, truth and support, will increase. We believe that women will become the driving force behind the development of this brave new world.

Our Mission and Philosophy


Eight years ago, YaninaDubeykovskaya launched the World Communication Forum, which has become a continually growing membership of experts from the communications industry, who work together for a more tolerant and more united world. At the World Communication Forum in March, 2017, the WIC, Women’s Influence Community was launched. Key women from around the world met that day to discuss how women influence the world. It soon became clear that the influence is diverse in numerous ways and that discovering who women really are, and what we want to be, were vital themes.

As a key project for the WIC, the WIC-F, Women’s Influence Community – Forum, was then launched in Paris in September 2017, uniting women from over fifteen different countries, proactive female business-managers, thought-leaders, philosophers, mothers, artists, muses, investors and entrepreneurs. These women were bonded by the common aim, to create a community of powerful women who will strengthen the scale of women’s influence on our global future. This first Forum was a huge success, attracting international mass media and becoming a social network sensation. The hashtag #womeninfluence reached an incredible rate of 2.3 million on Twitter and 20 000 on Facebook.


We believe that the understanding of each other is at the heart of any constructive development of mankind and our aim is to organise events that facilitate the maximum development of that understanding. We also believe that this understanding is an ongoing process and that every event which brings new women to the community will add to that understanding of how our influence works and how we can develop it for the benefit of the world.

We believe that degrees of influence are not necessarily equal to rank or status in business. A woman in one profession may have greater impact on the world than one, seemingly higher up the business ladder, in another. Influence is not about social standing but about the development or improving of the lives of others.

We recognise the difficulties in assessing influence, but believe that the criteria should always be based on quality rather than quantity. Values of ideas or discoveries that influence the future are by their very nature impossible to evaluate in terms of later quantity.

We believe that the influence of the Mothers, who shape much of each future generation’s core values, is not recognised by society. We also feel that Creators are not fully recognised in their ability to influence humanity and its future.

We believe that if we can enable even a small growth of women’s influence, that this can have a positive effect on global harmony and in uniting humanity in understanding, support and development of a common future.

We continue to recognise six main ways women influence the world: as an Entrepreneur, a Mother, a Professional, a Citizen, a Creator and a Muse. Each of these has different missions and different challenges. We believe in equal rights and equal opportunities and applaud the women who continue to fight for these. However, we also recognise that we are different to men. We value our uniquely feminine potential and believe that, rather than emulating men, we should be developing our own ways of carrying out the same roles. We see this as the key to successful development of our full potential.

We believe in a mutually respectful relationship with men and are committed to developing harmonious working relationships. We see men and women working in harmony as two essential parts of one whole.

We believe that where there are equal rights, so families flourish and from there so do communities and then nations. This is why we see our work as having such potential to influence the future of mankind.


Personal level:

To help women recognise their power to influence our future within every commitment, choice and action in their everyday lives.

Community level:

To expand our Forums, forming local women’s communities globally, united in their common goal to both understand and develop our different ways of influencing the world.

Concept level:

To strengthen our influence by developing our unique concept – that of the six ways of women’s influence: as an Entrepreneur, Mother, Professional, Citizen and Muse.
In addition to the concept of equality dominating today in the apprehension of the women’s development strategy.

Global level:

To establish an international community of women committed to influencing global processes to achieve a better, more humanitarian future.