Lynn Hill

Lynn Hill

Writer, poet, speaker

I use multiple mediums to influence as my roles are highly multi-faceted. I am a professional Speaker and Writer, Author and Poet. I have been gifted with many gifts but the Gifts of speaking and writing are my greatest talents. I have also been blessed with a treacherous, painful journey and this has been the most powerful mediums through which I have been able to influence because of my level of articulation in being able to share how I found the highest purpose in my pain and how I transcended victimhood.

“Adversity and Challenge define Character”

I believe and agree with Stephen Covey that “Private Victory precedes Public Victory. You have to get it right on the inside, you have to strive for excellence in your inner world: thoughts, beliefs, emotions, perceptions, positive imagination before you can truly get it right in the outer world. We can only give what we have….so the quality of our sense of self becomes the primary determinant of outer success and the quality of the relationships we build.

My challenges: being sexually brutalized at the age of 15, to a point of attempted murder, falling pregnant at 19, completing all of my studies full-time and part-time while being a Mother. At 20 I birthed a baby who weighed 870g, I was told she would be developmentally challenged, I survived an emotionally abusive marriage, a divorce, single- parenthood without financial support, an unfair business world with a dire lack of integrity.

Addressing 1000 Woman Under one roof, meeting & sharing with Dr. John Dermartini one on one and him asking me where he can find a copy of my book, having been featured on REAL WOMEN TBN, DStv, having been featured in the Entrepreneur Magazine as a non-executive Director of Woman of Stature, having been a columnist for 16 Newspaper titles over 90 weeks with a daily readership of 7 million. Having featured on a magazine Cover of SHE OWNS IT, being recognized as the Epitome of Grace and Power on the cover, having witnessed mentees, clients blossom into powerhouses in their respective fields, knowing that souls are healed and restored because I am living. Having my two children, 32 and 25 blossom into beautiful, well-qualified, good, sensitive, emotionally and spiritually intelligent human beings. Completing my book…. called: “Butterfly my Soul got Wings…what Life has taught me”

Don’t wait until you physically and mentally cannot continue on your own before you call in support. Ask yourself what about your limitations can be complimented by another’s strengths. Build good, solid support networks and value relationship building in business as much as you value your goals.

If every woman can own her divine worth and worthiness to achieve and live a fulfilled life in every way in all of her roles, she will be able to parent in a whole way, building a new version of willful, independent thinkers, through her children. If every woman can believe so wholly in her capabilities, that she does not question herself or allow the system to question her, we will be able to collectively infiltrate limiting systems.

TOTAL SUPPORT FOR THE VOICELESS who have been born into systems, that have already de-voiced them and have unconsciously accepted ill and inequitable treatment as the norm.