Gohar Davtian

Gohar Davtian

The founder of the boutique hotel Logos in Armenia | Armenia

I love nature that is my most trusted teacher.

It is spring time. I am in my sacred place called Logos that found its home place at the foot of the ancient Armenian mountains. Early in the morning I woke up and enter into the peacefully sleeping garden. It looks so quiet, but I always manage to notice those tiny changes that have occurred over the night. Every new day is greeting me with flowers that yesterday peacefully slept in their buds. And each time, with a big surprise and joy, I realize that the Universe subtly made its mysterious transformation.

The same process we can observe in human lives. Looking closely, you will definitely notice that behind every history of influence, behind every success story there is a path that from the first side is hidden to others. And I can assure you that it is definitely filled with numerous trials, failures, rusty curvatures, its higher highs and lower lows.

My life story is not an exception. The crises that I was so afraid to encounter and tried to avoid by all possible means - they actually became the stepping stones that made me look at my life from another angle, rethink and transform.

My story of influence is primarily a story of self-influence and self-transformation. And my credo resembles to the words stated by the great Socrates: "'Let him who would move the world first move himself." By changing myself, I gradually changed the world around me, becoming the Author & Creator of my own life.

In the 1990s my family lost everything that it had. To survive, we had to sell the house, the car, and family jewels. As a doctor, I was earning a pitiful salary, which was only enough for a meager existence. But, despite the fact that I lost those material possessions, my mental equilibrium, and for whole three years I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, I am still very grateful to fate for this life-changing experience.

That “arctic winter" period of my life that I consider to be the greatest gift, acted as a trigger button that further laid the foundation for my deep transformation processes and broke the ice for new exciting discoveries. Now I am acutely aware - it was the fateful stage of my life. It was the time when I rethought my existence, revised my life values. It was then that I turned from a capricious girl into a thinking woman who gradually accumulated wisdom and gain insights into the secrets of the Universe.

In life, everything develops and strives for excellence. Each life passes the path of a flower - from a tiny seed to a blossoming bud, followed by the formation of a mature fruit. Every day nature teaches me that there is no stagnation, everything is in motion. Those wisdom insights I revealed on the road to maturity.

Fortunately, or probably not, there is no other option: the evolution path courses either through pain and suffering, or through your own decision to grow. It was after I faced my rock-bottom that I became more conscious of my own womanhood and awareness.

After a three-year spiritual crisis, I was reborn again, like a phoenix. I returned to the world with new views, new mindset, new life priorities.

Returning back to the time when Armenia suffered from an economic blockade, when we did not have gas, water, or electricity at home, when there was no hope for the best, could I just have the right to imagine what would happen to me in a year and a half? Could I suspect that I would change the profession of a doctor, become a top manager, learn three foreign languages, get four additional education diplomas? Of course not.

In a short time in the company where I came to work, I grew from the position of an assistant to the director of a large department, became a member of the board of directors of an international corporation. From an uncertain young woman who could hardly speak Russian (Russian was a foreign language for me), I became a teacher at the Higher School of Economics and at Moscow State University.

Today, I believe that the key to my success was not only the coincidence of those unfavorable circumstances, but powerful internal transformation against the backdrop of adverse external conditions.

We all want to live happily, to be surrounded by good people, we want health, safety for ourselves and our beloved ones. So what is the matter? Why, having the right values, we create the wrong living conditions for ourselves and the others?

The reason is simple, because at first hand we are accustomed to look outside, notice someone else’s mistakes and analyze the problems of others. At the same time, we don’t notice the gaps in our own dogmas and perceptions, we don’t try to understand our mistakes in first person. But they actually can serve as very powerful tools for self-development and self-improvement.

Once I discovered one of the secrets of the Universe: all the hardships of our life are the keys to our development. Since then I treasure this knowledge.

Taking difficulties as a lesson, making proper conclusions, understanding of what needs to be fixed, letting go all of the offenders, we take the path towards the natural evolution of our consciousness, fill our lives with new, bright colors. We are the authors of our lives, we ourselves create our own reality. In each of us there is a particle of the Creator, who through us strives to be realized in this material world.

During my life, I repeatedly changed my profession, but never changed its essence – serving people. Serving through cure and medication, through management, through running business, through consultations, through painting.

Today, I don’t count my merits by number of diplomas, awards and positions that I achieved. Meanwhile, I am proud of my ability not to be discouraged, proud of my constant movement towards integrity, ability to dream, while easily releasing what does not work. I consider my success to be the thirst for knowledge, the ability to forgive, to turn problems into life lessons, not to be afraid of failures and my inner desire to serve and give love to people.

Now I am a business coach, the founder of the boutique hotel Logos in Armenia, I give lectures at the Higher School of Economics, Moscow State University, I conduct trainings, teach dances and ... draw!

I am sure that the main triumph for women leaders is the ability to remain a woman, despite all the achievements and leadership qualities. Over the years many women leaders, and myself, have developed masculinity in their leadership. Of course, men's energy leads, directs, teaches to make decisions, sets ambitious tasks. Whereas, the feminine energy inspires, takes care, demonstrates its flexibility and empathy.

If I had not realized this in due time, it would be difficult for me to keep my family, to be a mother and a wife.

Presently there is a clear bias towards the male energy on our planet. Since women also "shake" and cultivate it. But our strength lies completely in a different plane.

Beauty in nature is always manifested through the balance of opposites: day is replaced by night, the sun gives way to the moon. Not a struggle, but a peaceful existence, not a competition, but the acceptance of the fact that everyone has their unique source of strength - this is the basis of any achievement, development, success. Movement through balance, through harmony.

Mother Teresa said: "This world does not suffer from a lack of bread, but from a lack of love." We, women, are the bearers of love and warmth on earth. We are the source of acceptance, flexibility, care and love.

Women leaders have to pass through a daunting challenge. Especially when they strive for a career and at the same time want to be happy wives and mothers. To keep a balance between leadership and femininity is very difficult, but possible.

I am sure that our greatest power is the power of love. A person who gives love, flushing lives of others with joy and light, becomes not only happy, but also genuinely aspirational and influential.