Arina Pouzoullic

Arina Pouzoullic

Founder and Managing Director, Second Petale, Vintage Jewelry Gallery | France

I truly believe we are all Creators.

There is a beginning to everything. To me it all starts with a personal « Why », and creation is a response to «Why ». Creation is an essence of life. We create constantly, we are born creators. And first and above all we are creators of our lives. I believe we can create and live many lives (obviously I don’t mean physical lives here).

My mission statement: «Sky is a limit»

My story how I’ve reached where I am today:

- my «Why» comes from my childhood. For me it’s about a necessity to transmit what I know and love, about continuity, emotional connect with the world around me. And personal alignment. When I decided to become enterpreneur, it was obvious to me which business to create, - it was jewelry. I am tuned to it, so I felt a strong desire to share what I am passionate about. I also want to contribute to jewelry evolution via a novel, different offer and pioneering a model of tomorrow.
- secondly I was very attracted by the risk and the thrill of entrepreneurship. I wanted to be in full charge. After 20 happy years of Finance management career in one of the majors, I knew I would regret if I would not try it.
- finally I also believe in kairos,- the right moment. All happens for a reason, and it takes time it should take: I would not be able to create my business today without all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained so far on my life journey.

My highlights as Creator:

- Teenager I was customizing my grandmother’s wardrobe. Source of inspiration is everywhere, - my friends and I were creating earrings with shirt buttons.
- Work in Finance was creative: looking for innovative thinking, learn from the harmony of maths equations, but most importantly work with amazing people full of creative force!
- Moving to Paris from Moscow was a choice to live a new experience and take a job which had the only thing clear: a job title.
- Radical change of career: from 20+years Finance carrer in a multinational to enterpreneur in jewelry, - brand new to market, industry, job. The road is challenging and so exciting: with my brand «Second Petale» I want to challenge status quo in vintage jewelry industry via modern and original selection, styled communication language and novel digital model. I appeal to a self confident women who appreciate individuality, uniqueness and want the best for themselves. These women are multiple and go beyond one role. I see myself as a change agent too, - my goal is to promote a culture of transmission and continuity. This is my contribution to circular economy as well: we buy less, we buy better, we value our heritage.
- My choice is to live «here and now» = being consciously self connected, being present. This is never ending work on a spirit, body and brain. It is very tiresome, but also rewarding like nothing else.
- My way of being creator: I decide what I want, believe in it and just do it. Day in and day out. Big decisions or small decisions, reflection process is the same and its starts with my « Why ». I like to imagine there is no limits. In absolute terms. It does not mean I can achieve what I want right here and now. But at least I know where to look at and I move towards it. Life reserves surprises, it shows the way when we ask, we should trust it!

The Big Challenge: Creation is a permanent process inside and outside of us. We are here to learn and we are here to give. This requires self-confidence, self-connect. And this is The Big Challenge: how do you maintain self-confidence, how do you stay truly self-connected most of the time at least?, - in today’s world we are nonstop connected to everything except our own «software», while all we need is in there! That what helps me: when I feel «disconnected» I take a conscious moment to self align, to bring my body, soul and mind together, «here and now».

Impact: We are creators of our own lives. It says it all, this is the highest impact. Because when we create lives which we desire, we live at our full potential, we are happier, we share the knowledge, we give back to the world more than we take. Its good for us, and does good to the world, at macro or micro level. Magnitude of the impact is irrelevant to me, what counts that there is a positive impact and growth at human level. Our individual work is part of big everything, impact is global at universal level.

My message to me and to the world: To trust in our amazing talents of creators where sky is the only limit. Its a work at individual level and is relevant to women and men. And I like this:

«A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform». Diane Mariechild