Anna Belova

Anna Belova

Game changer | Russia

I am game changer.

In changing world it is of great importance the ability to transform old paradigms and to convince the peoples to accept new way of thinking, creating, structuring business and growing yourself and your kids.

The responsibility for successful implementation change process (23 projects), psychology change and emotional intellect development experience brought many new colors and experience to my life and career.

Please tell us why you have chosen this way of influence to share and how fulfilling this role has influenced your own life or career?

At some point, you already cease to understand whether you choose or the time, fate or circumstances have chosen you. When you do something and get real pleasure from it, you least think about the way of influence. You just do your job. And the more difficult the work, the more interesting it is.

Projects on change management, on changing the rules of the game and on changing the mental paradigms of the main actors about how this should work taught me a lot, first of all to be able to listen, analyze and not chop off the shoulder.

Please, share a role-related mission statement expressing how you try and live your life personally and professionally?

There are no hopeless situations. The more dramatic the circumstances, the more interesting and unexpected will be the solution found.

Please share with us briefly how you reached where you are today and what were the biggest challenges you faced along the way?

Road going by walking. So I always tell my students and those with whom I work as a mentor. And moving along the road, if you want to achieve more, try never to leave a single stone unturned. Then you will always go where you want. Meaningful temptations are power, money, success. But we must remember that these are all things that come in and also leave. You must be a person, an interesting, versatile, educated and professional person, you must constantly learn - and then your personal capital will not be subject to any outside influences. The main challenge is to learn to force yourself to work and study constantly, not resting on the laurels of current achievements.

Please, share one or several most important achievements or career highlights that you have achieved when carrying out your selected way of influence.

In 1998, I was elected Vice-Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, while on the board I was the only Russian and only woman.
For the first time in the 170-year history of Russian Railways in 2001, I became the first woman Deputy Minister of Railways. I was the author and got responsible for the implementation of the program of reform and privatization of Russian railways.
In 2001 I received the Prize of Recognition of the achievements of women of Russia in the nomination "New Executive Power of the New Russia".
In 2002, Intel’s founder, Craig Barrett, invited me to join the European strategic supervisory board of the company, changing the Documents regulating the activities of the Council and I became the first woman in its composition.
In 2004, I received the prize of OECD and the European Commission of Ministers of Transport for the implementation of the best European reform in the transport sector.
In 2005, I headed the commission for the restructuring of the atomic energy complex of the Russian Federation and under the leadership of S.V. Kiriyenko was responsible for the implementation of the project to restructure the Russian nuclear industry.
Since the end of 2007, in a private company, the Siberian Coal Energy Company I was responsible for the project of a comprehensive business transformation and integration of coal and energy assets. As a result of the project implemented by the management team over five years, the company's profit has grown more than 6 times, and the calculated capitalization of more than 10 billion dollars.
In 2014 I was recognized by professional community and was awarded as the best professional independent director in the Russia.
In 2015 I was awarded as the best Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company with state participation - Russian Venture Company.
In 2016 I was elected to the Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation and was nominated to chair the Innovations Working Group.
In 2018 I was invited by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum, to join the Global Future Council as an expert from Russia.

What challenges do you see women in the future facing when fulfilling the same way of influence and what particular advice for them based on your experience?

Unfortunately, the main challenge that we face, and which women will face in the near future, is the need to explicitly or implicitly fight and prove their ability to lead and make key decisions in men's management environment. The consciousness of our society is not yet equal gender agenda. My experience suggests that if you are truly a professional, a leader, you know how to convince, create teams, achieve and embody what you are saying, then this challenge will be overcome. Think of an unfair attitude as an interesting game in which you will receive a special prize if you can convince your opponents.

Please share a statement of what you believe to be the most important change we need to achieve with our community to support women globally in the future:

The world is going through hard times. Not only for women - for humanity as a whole. The number of crises, sanctions, protectionism, mistrust, aggression is growing. Somewhere there should be a new center of balance.

The critical mass of creative human capital, intelligent thinking women, however, not only women, united in communities with the goals of creation - this could be an outstanding breakthrough. But even if we set ourselves a more modest goal - just to start thinking about the importance of partnership, the values of each person and humanity as a whole, the need to seek compromises for the future, and not to prove something, this will already be a significant result.

The statement might be: “Let’s make together the better world”.