Olga Malakhova

Olga Malakhova

Anti-age expert, Beauty blogger | Russia

Being the Muse! Sounds proud! Doesn’t it?
Every Woman wants to be the Muse.
The Muse doesn’t struggle with anyone or anything.
Her goal is to beautify the world and to inspire men for great deals.
The Muse is an admiration
She is a lightbulb, full of energy, inner light.
She can enlighten others, warm with love and care, she motivates by her example, captivates with her ideas how to make this world and people
around much better.
But we need to start with ourselves.
Inspire ourselves, lighten ourselves up, evolve ourselves and change ourselves as well.
We can turn to The Muse in anytime and any age - and stay in this essence forever.

If we would energize every cell of our lightbulb and bring our inner light through the eyes, glow of our skin and our smile It inevitably attracts others. The face is the reflection of our inner world, our thoughts, our health, our lifestyle and our age.

The face is probably the most visible proof of how inspired you are and where your inner light is.

One day when I was 30 I woke up, looked in the mirror and saw a woman much older than I was with a depleted look, a dull face, lots of wrinkles, baggy eyes and bad skin. Injections and esthetic therapy didn’t give me what I expected & I was very disappointed.

Drinking my morning coffee I thought about Who I am. Is my business successful ? Am I happy in my relationships and is my Man happy in it? What’ s wrong with me? These thoughts lead me into depression and affected my family, my relationships and my business.

I realized that I became an achiever for the sake of achieving, rather than in support of my true nature and my true being. My achievements did not fulfill me and had nor contribution for me or anyone else. They brought stress which immediately painted more lines across my face. I became hard hearted on the inside and on the outside — my face was frown, my lips were tight, my forehead - wrinkled, and my shoulders — stooped.

Was I happy? Definitely not! But by acknowledging myself I found the hope AND the faith that I can change and I CAN be happy, I CAN be fulfilled and I CAN contribute to others.

My story is of One Muse taking her own experience of self-improvement and self-love to captivate the world with ideas of natural revitalization and juvenility.

This was the birth of my “5 - Step Rejuvenescence System” that over 4 years helps thousands of people and attracts hundreds of thousands of followers in 13 countries.

The purpose of my beautiful business is to inspire and cherish the conscious femininity through your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Today I’m 39 years young, manifesting the notion, that your Muse is only One Wish away.

To serve and to inspire others, the Muse must acknowledge and appreciate herself first,otherwise, there will be no light to inspire with.

Before we bring ourselves to this world we must dedicate precious moments to enlighten, to love and to appreciate ourselves to nurture our self- love.
We liberate ourselves from stress and emotions that age us
We adopt empowering eating and life habits. Through this self-love we revitalize our body and our systems, creating TRUE BEAUTY from inside out
To have an inspiring reflection in the mirror, sparkles in your eyes and to rejuvenate your face body and mind, it only takes 20 min a day of concious practices and attention to yourself

Every morning you can wake up feeling happy, do a special beauty ritual for the Muse that adds even more charm and juvenility to your eyes, cheekbones, lips and skin and you go out to beautify and inspire everyone you meet.

Small actions lead to amazing results!

You don’t have to be a Hero or a figure of authority to change the World. You don’t need to match up to the men.

Be yourself!
Be a woman!
Be THE Muse!
You will reward and enlighten others with the glow of the youthful and the gorgeous!