Dina Nasyrova

Dina Nasyrova

Owner of Ilgiz F Jewellery, with galleries in Moscow and Paris | Russia

My way is Muse and Entrepreneur at the same time. I have Big Dreams and I have enough perseverance to achieve them.

Only big goals make sense.

I suppose we all are where we are just because of hard work, with a little pinch of good luck. Several times each of us has perhaps started a business from the zero point and it must have been anything else but an easy way... And maybe the hardest challenges were optimism and a border-less mind. You can’t be recognisable on an international level, if you are trapped into borders within your own mind.

We had a long way of getting to our key achievements and the brightest of them were made only in the past three years or so. I organised a personal exhibition of the Ilgiz F brand in the Kremlin Museum and, believe me, it wasn't an easy game at all. After that I opened two Ilgiz F galleries. The flagman one is in Moscow and the international one is in Paris. Two launches, in three months, in two different countries! It was breathtaking!

I’m thinking about a personal exhibition of the Ilgiz F brand in Met Museum. And I know it’s not a dream: it’s already a plan.

I’m absolutely convinced that women’s power is quite underestimated. We used to live in a world built by women but managed by men. Nevertheless, we can’t ignore that the situation has changed recently. Most world’s businesses are lead by women. We manage people and solve problems in a much more ecological and a softer way than any male leaders. Supporting each other, we could build a kinder world and a more optimistic future for our children.

Be nice and don't be afraid to dream!