She knows that, out of all things a human being can create, the most inspiring one is another human being. She believes in the power of raising kids as a driving force for this world, because it makes every next generation better than the previous one. That’s why she puts her energy into bringing up good and successful people – and she has done a good job. Just like Nancy Matthews Elliot Edison, who gave to this world one of the most outstanding scientists and inventors.
Nancy Matthews Elliot Edison
The mother of Thomas A.Edison | USA

"My mother was the making of me. She was so true, so sure of me; and I felt I had something to live for, someone I must not disappoint” – that's what one of the world's biggest inventors and scientists Thomas Alva Edison wrote about his mother, Nancy Elliot.

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Francesca Lana

President & co-founder of NetworkHER, Founder & Director of ERA International | UK

We help others to fly. We love to learn. We don’t like dilemmas. We like solutions. We believe. We bring people together. We dream and do. We are inspired and we inspire. We own our femininity. We live to the fullest. We are determined, respectful, engaged, ambitious, motivated, dedicated, and optimistic. Always, no matter what!
That’s what being a Mother is all about!

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Ilhame Joubert
President of Make Mothers Matter | France

She became a mother for the first time when she was 23. Convinced that she could successfully combine ambitious professional projects and an harmonious family life, she had handled different positions in her career: having graduated with a Master Degree in International Business and Management from Panthéon Assas University, she lead several teams in international financial companies before becoming responsible of the commercial animation of an international banking network.

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Ekaterina Kozinchenko
Partner, Head of A.T. Kearney, Russia & CIS | Russia

"I’m a Mother and I have 4 amazing children. When they fail in something, whether it’s their study or different life’s aspects, I always tell them a story how my business career began... "

Ekaterina has been working in management consulting for Russian and international oil & gas and energy industry companies for over 20 years. She is a recognized practical expert in oil & gas industry development issues, carries out wide-range expert and analytical activity, and is the author of many research works and publications.

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Jan Cavelle
Entrepreneur, Writer, Coach to other women | UK

A successful entrepreneur with nearly 40 years’ experience in sole trading and small businesses in UK, ranging from music management and catering to freelance sales, furniture design and manufacture.

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Naomi Kieswetter
Internationally Accredited Master NLP Practitioner, Authentic Self-Empowerment Facilitator and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Being self-empowered as a mother is one of the most important aspects of motherhood. One of the biggest self-discoveries which I have made were, that in the moments when I have been in an unresourceful state as a mother because of my own emotional struggles, my ability to be resourceful, in order to discipline my sons, nurture and give them guidance and support, was greatly affected.

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Rita Kakati Shah
Founder and CEO of Uma | USA

I have always been a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion issues in the workforce, a global citizen, an entrepreneur and former finance and healthcare professional too. However, what ultimately lead me to start the global platform Uma, which is empowering women and changing lives every day, is my own personal journey of motherhood.

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Olga Dronova
Mother | Russia

What is it like to be a truly good mother? I managed to discover it for myself only at the age of 36. It’s not that I was a bad mother to my daughter during her first 10 years of life. Whole lot of love and care shared in my family is the keystone of motherhood and perfect foundation for it.

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Elena O'Keeffe
Cofounder of perinatal training “The Mother’s Journey” | UK

I am a childbirth educator and midwife, who trained and worked in one of the best maternity settings in UK, and a cofounder of the perinatal training called The Mother’s Journey which has offered women practical tools for conscious conception, pregnancy and empowering the birth experience since 2009.

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Dr. Joynicole Martinez
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Alchemist Agency | USA

Dr. Martinez has 20 years of experience providing capacity-building services, including fund development, leadership and board training, strategic planning, and performance management and optimization.

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Alena Kuzmenko
Co-founder of charity "UNITY" | Russia

Alena is a co-founder of Unity Movement (Russia), which is devoted to spreading art therapy and other quality of life practices for oncology patients across Russia.

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Sabine Nehme Anati
A full time MOMMY and a TV presenter of her own Show Mother to Another on Arab Women TV. Co-Founder of TOUT-Media a digital media agency | Lebanon & Dubai

After graduating as a Graphic, Web and Video Designer, Sabine moved to Dubai and started her mobile and digital Media career. She worked in many different sectors such as music, mobile, content and media, but found her passion and settled into the digital/social world

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Marina Malakhova

A French-Russian Communication consultant | France

Russian by birth, French by destiny. Mother of two little girls. Based in Paris, France.

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Caroline Hunt-Matthes
Researcher at Webster University, Geneva | Switzerland

Appointed to the panel of experts established by the Canadian Standards Authority to develop an international guideline on Whistle-blowing Systems. A human rights lawyer and investigator with expertise in sexual violence. Previously - peacekeeper and United Nations staff member, a trustee/advisor to think-tanks on privacy protection, the Natures Rights Charity and Global Geneva magazine.

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Elena Brandt
Former Head of Public Relations, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology | Russia

A happy mother, she is also one of proponents of developing science communications in Russia. In 2015, her "Communication Lab" project was awarded a SABRE and several Gold Quill awards as the best campaign in education and research. The online tool "Open Science" launched as a part of the project has become the only local information hub for science news from the largest Russian research centres.

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Irina Kibina
Speaker, moderator of public events and strategic sessions, business mentor, consultant | Russia

Partner in a private investment fund. Happy mother and grand-mother!

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Irina Mirolubova
Manager, Head of Entrepreneurial Programs + Brand, Marketing & Comms at Ernst & Young | Russia

Master of Finance. Professional business couch, and a co-founder of a Regional Open Organization “Distingteck” for employment people with autism.

20 years experience in marketing and project management in global international and domestic companies.

Heading Entrepreneur of the Year and Entrepreneurial Winning Women (EWW) projects for the past 5 years.

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Irina Bakhtina

VP Global Sustainable Business Communications Capability and Training at Unilever | Russia

An accomplished corporate affairs professional with close to 25 years of experience in both domestic and multinational companies, as well as local government agencies and mass media, including 6 years in her corporate communications leadership role covering multiple markets in Africa, Middle East and Central Asia (apart from home location). Special strengths: strategy, change management, issues management and policy, crisis management, media relations, leadership and motivation.

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