Sukruti Narayanan

Sukruti Narayanan

As a woman I am sure almost everyone would have travelled all the six ways of Influence in our lives. I Chose ENTREPRENEUR as I feel this has been a dominant character in my blood. I almost never worked in a normal Office Environment. I was always leading Projects that eventually made me lead my own Organisation/s and this is when I realized: I am an Entrepreneur. A Proud Entrepreneur who has touched the lives of over a half a Million Students and Made both boys and girls work toward Technology and None to Shy away from it.

My Statement which I want the World to Hear is:
BE THE BEST IN WHATEVER YOU DO! Always have Hunger for Knowledge which not only corresponds to Domain Knowledge, But also, Know and Learn about EVERYTHING!
Learn as many Languages as Possible. This will help you someday!

Incidents that helped me realize my Potential are:

a) In my childhood, I faced a situation of "From Riches to Rags", not because of me (I was in my school though), It was coz of my Dad! Very hard way of learning that:
"NOTHING IS PERMANENT". This made me Lose fear and explore Untried areas in life.

b) My living with my Mother, Mother's Mother (Grand mother) and Mother's Mother's Mother (Great Grandmother) gave me the thought of breaking the monotony of the same "9 to 5 jobs". I was offered placement from 8 companies immediately after my engineering Graduation, but I strongly felt I dint belong Here.
"FOLLOWING YOUR HEART" is another great lesson of my Life!

c) I eventually started my NGO into Technology (Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Foundation). Almost 6 years back, I was one among the very very few girls plunging into Technology and I created a mark bagging "Young Visionary Award" and many laurels and Interviews...
"BE THE CHANGE AND LEAD THE PEOPLE" was my lesson learnt here!

Three warnings to the next person who may choose this path:
1. Never Fear Failure or Fear what Others may think about You.
2. No one has time to think about your Problems, and the ones thinking about your Problems don't have any other real Work. So don't Bother.
3. Bounce back Faster when You make Mistakes.

The More the Mistakes, the more you learn! Don't waste time in cursing yourself of going wrong, but learn how to do IT RIGHT and keep Moving On!

Never Listen to people when they Discourage you based on your Gender/Age/Geography or any damn thing. Listen to your Heart and be Ethical in whatever you do.

Three key benefits of this particular path:
● Creating a Difference in the World and being a Motivation for People to do Great Things that create Positive impact in the Lives of others!
● Harnessing the Potential and Power of Oneself and having Self- Realization.
● Creating an All Inclusive Community and growing as a Global Citizen.

Traditional bio:

Communication Professional having a strong interest in Understanding and creating brands as an organisation and as an Individual.

Sukruti believes in unique identity that everything and everyone possess. Identity is the one which makes everyone stand a class apart and projects you as a leader.

She is part of the WCF Family as a Global Manager for the C4F Awards and the Producer of the StartUp Day for 2017.

Member of the Editorial Team of "PreSense" - India's first and the Oldest Online Magazine focussed on Spreading Positive Vibrations through Journalism.

Member of the Organizing Committee of "Sansad Ratna Awards"- An Awards constituted to felicitate the Top Performing Member of Parliament (MP's).

Co-Founder of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Foundation (RAIF).