Marina Bogomyagkova

Marina Bogomyagkova

Owner of Media Workshop in Saint-Petersburg

An entrepreneur is not just a businessman. This is a person who takes responsibility for his life, for his environment and for all whom he involves in joint activities and joint projects.

Who is an entrepreneur?

This is a person who has a mission, usually associated with a change in existing reality for the better life.

The path of the entrepreneur is closest to me, because for a long time I’ve been seeing my mission as creating a new sustainable business reality.

My mission as an entrepreneur is to create a new sustainable business reality.

The biggest difficulty is believing in yourself. As you grow (professionally and personally), any person is faced with moments when there is already little to be achieved and more is desired. But often to start something new, to move forward taking into account today's rapidly changing reality, means to start from scratch is a risk, and an entrepreneur is initially a person who should not be afraid to take risks.

I have overcome these barriers many times, and in my opinion, these are the biggest difficulties — to overcome oneself, to force oneself to take risks, to start something from the beginning and at the same time not to lose the global goal that you are pursuing.

My path is from a manager in an advertising agency in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsk to the owner of my own Media Workshop in the northern capital of Russia.

In the middle of this journey, I headed a full-cycle advertising agency, business publications in different regions.

My whole path goes in one area - advertising, media, communications.

Adding my mission is to create an active environment with useful content. All my projects are imbued with the fact that I have connected and continue to connect people who can be useful to each other, share knowledge and draw them in communication. Media - creation of communication platforms, and this resource served to implement this mission.

We live in a digital age when technologies appear much faster than we manage to adapt to them. The only important distinguishing feature in a person is the ability to produce content.

The content that I produced and for these communities that I collect and organize is a manifestation of professionalism. People are interested in each other if they produce relevant and useful content. In today's reality, it is very valuable for business people who value their time, interests and space in general.

It is important to understand and remember that, despite the fact that women's entrepreneurship is an active trend and a developing area of the economy, such entrepreneurship does not have a gender, but there is a business with a female character.

It is important for any woman who embarks on the difficult path of creating a business to remember that she is a woman, and her strength is in her weakness.

A distinctive feature of the female walk from the male in business is that the woman is ready to move in small steps, and now is the time for small steps and small victories, leading to one big and achievement of a global plan. It is important to understand that every small step leads you to the realization of a global plan and goal, the realization of a mission. Starting to move, it is important to see a big goal and mission, the achievement and implementation of which will be the reason for a qualitative change in the environment around.

I really believe in the power of a woman’s influence on all aspects of life, and in particular, the creation of something new. In a woman, this is inherent in nature - to create new, give new life. That is why, creating a new world and a new sustainable reality, it is worth turning to women and accumulating their common contribution to the sustainable development of our new life.