Gouzel Moussina

Gouzel Moussina

Business Developer & Philosopher

I am a Citizen.

Mother Earth is my only Employer.

My main task is to create socially responsible businesses, focused on the preservation of nature, improvement of the living environment for us, our children and the generations to come.

Looking back, when my children grew, I became increasingly aware of how important it was, and is, to responsibly mould all the aspects of sustainability for the future of my children and the life on our planet Earth. And therefore today, my task is not only to create my own life, but also to share with others all my knowledge, and help them understand, accept and implement it.

I am a true believer that all changes start from tiny little things. And to start with, you need to start the changes from yourself. When everyone takes responsibility and makes small steps, then, gradually, the whole World will change.

Each of us is the creator of our own reality. It is important to grasp this concept and start applying it. To do this, it is necessary for us to dismiss the role of the victim, and take responsibility for everything that happens to us. The first step is learning to think positively and with positive beliefs, to create our own world.

My story is a story of a self-orientated woman who has learned and is still learning every day to be responsible for everything I am experiencing and being the creator of my life.

Throughout my life, I overcame, made my way through walls, and proved. I proved my worth, abilities, my strength. And I achieved great results, to which I so much pursued. But all this at some point became unimportant, because I realized that I did all this just to prove to everyone around (well, among others to myself, of course) that I can and that I am worthy.

And the reason for this lifelong battle was the very disagreement with gender inequality and other D&I issues. Wherever I go, whatever I learn, the “generally accepted gender inequality" always seemed to me unfair. And this injustice manifested itself everywhere in my life: when I had to take the entry exams to the Moscow State University Philosophy Faculty before I was accepted, when I got married, when I left for a foreign country and vowed that I would achieve high results there, when I suffered from betrayal of my business partners and colleagues, when I set goals which appeared unreachable to others.

And now ... When I realized that all this struggle wouldn’t have been needed if I had realized one simple truth in time: all the power of gender difference is hidden within us and only it provides the foundation for achievements and harmonious life! Now I know what a woman needs for a full, filled and happy life.

But in order to understand this, I had to go exactly the path that led me to my today's philosophy of life. All we need is to balance our feminine and masculine qualities within us, and use them at the right moments in life to get more satisfying results.

First, I assembled great teams, each member better than me in their particular topic - and as their leader, I motivate them using my entrepreneurial attitude approach, so we all became the high performers in our responsibility areas.

Second, I became financially independent and able to support my family, friends, and partners as I created numerous successful businesses.

Third, I turned my business achievements around, so that the value they create really is shared with the present and future generations. I run two very responsible businesses: Bridgemount Sustainable & Social Impact Fund, and a learning and development platform MyWay Foundation offering training, coaching, and mentoring in a totally new and unconventional way.

And fourth, last but not the least, the capability to build outstanding networks, and capacity to unite these people into superbly functioning teams leading by a great vision.

The main task of a woman today is to understand that all the resources we need to solve our external challenges are concentrated in ourselves. In order to learn how to use these resources, we need to learn to live consciously every moment of our lives, being “here and now” always and everywhere, and listen to our inner feelings. Further, to find / return our inner balance through these sensations. And from it, we can already identify our internal and external boundaries, realize our vision and goals, and proceeding from them, focus on our tasks and act in accordance with them from the disposition of our internal balance.

The key skill of a woman of the future is taking care of her inner substance. Because only in a resource state she can be useful for both to herself, and to the world. Only in the resource state we can build and create, compose and originate. It is vital for us to realize that our thoughts filled with emotions and beliefs create our reality.

The quintessence of this should be the skill of owning our emotions and thoughts through our body.

A woman is the driving force of all the surrounding processes and she is the one who inspires the achievement. And a man, fed by this energy, creates and accomplishes.

If a woman is not filled with, not in a resource state, and not able to fill with energy those who are nearby, then people around her will not strive for anything, achieve, or act.

Thus, the global development of the world, processes and technologies depend on the woman’s internal state.

Definitely, it is consciousness. We need to learn to live here and now, successfully manage how we think, feel and consequently, how we act. We need to be able to effectively safeguard our mind, body, and soul, allowing nobody to manipulate with these. We influence our reality through our energy, and you should exclude external influencers from disturbing your state of mind, body, and soul. We drive this energy with focusing the power of how we think and what we believe in.

What I’ve learned on my way, and what I recommend everybody to take with from my experience:

● In each of us there are male and female properties. Yin and Yang. You only need to learn how to use the right state at the right time: male or female energies.
● Accept that you are the Creator of your life. Be a Creator and live your own life.
● Be always here and now, fully conscious.
● Find your Purpose, accept it, and focus on your Goals.
● Never be afraid of making mistakes. This is your life, you can’t be wrong. Just play this game in an ecological way.
● Don’t be ashamed to accept help, don’t be ashamed to delegate. Keep in mind that you are never alone.
● Always remember that you are the centre of your Universe. First of all, take care of yourself. Give love to your inner child. Love and accepting. And be happy.