Adriana Vieira

Adriana Vieira

Owner of the PR Boutique Agency InterMídia Comunicação Integrada | Brazil

I do believe in the power of Words and Dreams! I am by nature a big Dreamer! Impossible for me is just something I haven´t done yet! And I believe the words / communication is the way to connect and make dreams come true! As a journalist, I ´ve first worked as a TV reporter and TV anchor news. Since 1985 I run my own PR Boutique Agency InterMídia Comunicação Integrada in the Northeast of Brazil. In my professional practice I do both daily – Dream and Communicate to connect people / brands and to change things as well as to achieve social / personal goals.

“Believe in what you do, do what you believe in. And Wish Strongly. Dreams and Wishes are powerful!”

Dream big no matter what! My life has never been easy or comfortable. My natural destiny would be the “no” but I have decided to fight for the “Yes”! I come from a poor family and was born in a country with lots of economic and social problems (Brazil) but I was lucky to have great parents who worked hard to give me the best education. I learned from them: Education is your passport to the world! Study hard, dream big! That´s my mantra and way of living personal and professional. I Can! That´s my personal statement for everything in life. I´ve chosen Journalism as an area of study because I wanted to give my contribution to change the world and my country with my work. During graduation, I have been selected as an exchange student for a six months internship TV program at the University of Gainesville in Florida. Afterwards, I came back to Brazil and started working as a TV Reporter and News Anchor for five years. During a vacation trip to Switzerland, I received an invitation to work as a free lancer for ETH in Zurich, helping to organize the first World Forum about Nanotechnology in 1984. I quit my job in Brazil and lived a great experience in Switzerland in the PR area of work. Back to Brazil six months later, I worked as a PR Coordinator and Corporate Communication Consultant at Alumar, a plant of alumina from Alcoa. After this rich experience, I ´ve decided to open my own business, my Boutique Agency InterMídia to connect people and brands. My partner in life and work is my dear sister Danielle. Together, I fight daily against all professional difficulties. We do believe WE CAN make a difference connecting people and brands with social proposals!

My big future challenge as a woman is to find balance between professional and personal life. As a professional, I face a daily and fast disruption in communication process and practices. This industry is changing a lot because of technology. I need to learn / unlearn / learn again about almost everything in my professional routine. But even with all technology, I believe one thing won´t never change: People and Brands need to communicate more than ever! So my particular advice for women in this Era of Disruption is: Keep going! Keep Dreaming and Connecting to Empower People!

Empowered Women are the key to a Better World! The young lady, and now activist Malala Yousafzai is a great example of how to use social media and technology to spread a global message of changing in real time to a web connected society. Let´s Dream, Let´s Claim for Justice and Let´s Build a more Tolerant and MultiCultural World.

Let´s Educate and Empower Women to Heal the World!