Irina Nikoulina

Irina Nikoulina

CEO of Boiron | Russia


• British Open University (MBA)
• Vladivostok State Medical University


• 1995 – joined Servier Russia.
• 1995-2004 – rose through the ranks to reach the position of Director of Development for CIS & Balkans.
• 2004-2014 – pursuit of the Servier Group's global aspirations in France.
• November 2014-present – CEO of Boiron LLC.


• 2017 – support for Russian business initiatives involving women:
"In the pharmaceutical industry, where our company operates, and in the healthcare sector in general, women account for at least 70% of the workforce. If you turn to marketing research or opinion polls, they'll also tell you that woman is the key driver behind any action or change in family health matters: she is the one who decides whether to see a doctor or buy medicine, how to spend leisure time and how to organize meals. Conversely, if she refuses to accept this responsibility for some reason, nobody will. The same thing, by the way, is true for work.”

• 2018 – the winner of the national award Woman Who Matters, in the Health & Medicine category:
“We're convinced that women have been a leading voice in healthcare matters for a long time. And through public recognition of our initiative, we'd like once again to remind everyone who cares about their health: It's in your hands and waiting for your attention!”

• Establishment of the non-profit organization Health Culture, which sees its mission in promoting a healthy lifestyle among Russians and introducing healthy living insights into the corporate culture of public and private companies:
“The Health Culture project is designed to enable companies from the healthcare sector (sports, medicine, nutrition and psychology) to share their insights with other government and commercial enterprises. We're talking not so much about health in its narrow sense, but rather about the importance of taking care of yourself, the ability to understand the signals your body sends, to fully relax, and to be in balance with yourself and the world. We also teach practical skills."

• 2018 – development of the upskilling course for doctors "Clinical Homeopathy in Healthcare Practice."


• Business initiatives aimed at the adaptation of core knowledge on human health and its dissemination in the form of useful practices accessible to many, and educational projects;
• A healthy lifestyle and its influence on our choice of active social roles: “As confirmed by numerous studies, there's a growing interest among Russians in healthy living. It's important to be able to adequately assess your current state of health, as well as to understand the impact of the personal choices you make today on your future health and longevity.”
• Integrated approaches to health and longevity.