WIC-F | Vilvorde, 2019

WIC-F | Vilvorde, 2019

The 10th Women Influence Community Forum
opened first time in Brussels:
key women from 9 countries gathered in Living Tomorrow
to discuss the strategic Agenda of women’s influence

On October 15th 2019, the 10th session of Women Influence Community Forum (WIС-F) in the partnership with Diplomatic world magazine took place at: Day 1, Living Tomorrow a unique European innovation platform in Vilvorde, near Brussels, Day 2, the European Parliament.

Successful women from the USA, France, Russia, Germany, Malaysia, Switzerland, Belgium, Armenia, Finland gathered together to discuss their stories and their ways of influencing the world. We would like to organize annual meetings in Brussels as a particular Forum's venue, where we formulate clear, innovative and strategic messages for the Future.

That’s why, this time it was decided to change a classical Panel's Format of the Forum, organizing just speakers’ Talks who presented their personal stories of influence, their values, projects, dreams and a short message to the next generations. We have targeted this House of the Future as a place of addressing to our descendants globally!

During the Brussels’s session we took in important decision to register the first Women’s Influence Community Organisation to become even more efficient in meeting our goals!

Reformulating the quotation of Bill Gates "Show the World that you the Future", we could say - Show the World that WOMEN are the Future!

Speakers sharing their emotions:

Yanina Dubeykovskaya
“We should provide a strategic base for all women’s communities as we treat a wide range of different ways of influence at WIC”

Nurul Ashiquin Shamsuri
“I have so much power as an educator and there this is I’m belong”
“When women support each other then wonderful things happen. So, may we come together to do wonderful things for the girls of the future!”

Sabina Yagisarova
“You don’t have to be less than ambitious, but I think the sky is the limit, the space is the limit. Enjoy yourself, be proud what you do!”

Gohar Davtian
“You are an owner of your own life!”

Anna Bryanchaninova
“We are not fighting against the men, we want to cooperate, we want to stay ourselves, true to ourselves!”

Rita Kakati Shah
“A third of women around the world leave their jobs of they’ve had children”

Anna Belova, Head of the center of strategic development MSU
“The personal development of a human being depends on the ability to integrate your masculine or feminine : both”

Danielle Moens
“I am sure that motherhood gives us all those abilities that help one - the female ability to influence.”

Johanna Suo
“We have so much power in here. Can we imagine what we can do together if we can unite this power, this knowledge, this expertise and our network?”

Gouzel Moussina
“We are creators of our own life. Let’s take the full responsibility of what we are experiencing. Mindfulness is the key! Be here and now, and let’s be happy. And remember always – you are the middle of your own universe!”

Background information:
WIC-F was launched in Paris in September 2017, uniting women from over fifteen countries. 3 more editions since. The Forum was a huge success, attracting international mass media and becoming a social network sensation. The hashtag #womeninfluence reached an incredible rate of 2.3 million on Twitter and 20 000 on Facebook. The main aim of the WIC-F is to create a community of powerful women who will strengthen the scale of women’s influence on our global future. Our Mission is to strengthen women’s influence by developing the unique concept – that of the six ways of women’s influence: as an Entrepreneur, Mother, Professional, Creator, Citizen and Muse.
We help women recognise their power to influence the future.

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