WIC-F | Moscow, October 2019

WIC-F | Moscow, October 2019

Women CAN make a Difference!

Ksenia Bezuglova, director of the fond "Everything is possible"

"We all have our own “labels” and we all seem to know everything about each other. But, as I am convinced every time after the forum, this is not all at all.
We must not forget that we are all muses and creators ... and everything from each of the paths of our influence. Do not forget to nourish each of your ways of influence - "put a seed in each cell." And together we are able to create a strong gravity. We can drain and moisturize, create and destroy. The forces of nature are concentrated in us. That is why we gathered on this day and in this place.
Today is a magical day and you will soon realize it yourself."

Linda Sangaret, Chief Executive Officer of an international brandingconsultancy called the Nation Brand Builder And artistic director and fashiondesigner of my fashion label Tribal Butterfly

“I like to think of myself as of a brand. And most of all i am proud about my brand - is that i am a woman!
I know it might sound strange - to call yourself a brand, but each and everyone in this room IS a brand, and you need to recognize it in yourself!”

Olga Podoinitsyna, Member of the Board, VTB Capital

“Why are market leaders sitting in front of us? The information they share is important to us.
Recently, the world is changing rapidly.
It is necessary to change the strategy and practice in a new way. We have more work to do. We need to change more and more.
Classical professions are disappearing in front our eyes. We must make a decision.
And most importantly, traditional values that we live and breath are changing. And we need to decide how to accept new ones.”

Anna Yarvits, General Director of "Avon"

“Every contribution is important to ensure that the gender equality agenda continues to evolve.
According to research on gender inequality, which was made for the international economic forum in Davos:
- On average, it will take 108 years to eliminate gender inequality globally.
- 220 years to eliminate it economically.
- 107 years to eliminate it politically - the way women are represented in social and political movements.”

Larisa Inozemtseva, personal performance expert, ex MARS, ex Uralkalii

“I thought about areas in which women can influence best of all... I divided the influence into 3 areas - product, communication and quality of people.
Each company produces a product, it is produced in 2 ways. It is either based on those needs that are not yet exist and you anticipate their occurrence.
And the second way is to take the needs that obviously exist and create a product that will satisfy them. And women have an obvious advantage in this area; we know everything about human needs like no one else.”

Maria Suvorova, CEO "B2B Transfer"

“Intercultural communication is often a game for a woman, but for a man very often it is confrontation and this is our strength.
I would like to talk about working with the Asian market and the particular qualities of this work.
The easiest way to cross the gulf is to build a bridge across it. And here the most important thing to know is what kind of “architecture” will be in this process (communicative and cultural). And the main thing is to understand that any bridge with China will be Chinese.
To realize the business agenda in China, you need to use three “architectural” (using the same analogy) principles:
- Speed - about 10-12 thousand companies open in China per day.
- Technology - China is becoming the leader in the world’s patent volume, outbidding all possible technology experts.
- Laws - a contract for a Chinese is a reason to talk.
A common saying in China is “Cross the river while feeling ford””

Marina Volynkina, Rector of the Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies (IGUMO), PhD in Law, Author of several social initiative

“I will not talk about business, I will talk about who we - women should always remain - should remain to stay humans!
In the era of robotization, we are increasingly thinking about what awaits us tomorrow, if we do not stop running forward in our political and social careers, if we do not think about our environment and love that should fill our lives and which we must broadcast primarily to youth!
We must teach youth through volunteering, through work, to enjoy helping people - to teach them to love their neighbor.
Dear women don’t forget to take the time and devote it to your children and grandchildren, because if we don’t share love with them and teach them unconditional love, than who will ”

Natalia Matusova, managing director AddWise

“The difference in women's wages, which a couple of years ago was 25-30% of men's, is now significantly reduced.
And it depends more likely not on gender, but on the level of responsibility and the type of position that a woman occupies. Here the most important thing is the rules of the game and responsibility and, I would add more, awareness.
If we recall what games girls play in childhood and which boys, we can understand what the argument is based on.”

Victoria Tuchinskaya, designer, owner of the jewelry brand

“In the 17th century, women didn’t have bags and didn’t even have pockets on their clothes, so everything they needed to carry with them they wore on a clip on a belt called a shuttle.
There are three principles for attracting women customers — the first is not to attract: the second is not to insist: the third is to not forget about those who came themselves and who you did not insist on.”

Ekaterina Kozinchenko, Partner, Head of A.T. Kearney, Russia and CIS

“I want to give you statistics on women influence on corporate culture and what a woman’s career or business is.
The first topic is the theme of fears - a lot of fears and pains that torment women. And here are some of the main ones:
- fear of success
- condemnation of society
- fear of not matching own standards (deviates from the planned checklist)

What do women want from a corporate career?
- programs that work to grow staff and train them. Women generally love to study.
- want to have mentors
- family balance
- company values

There are prejudices related to how the world around us perceives:
- If pretty, then stupid.
- If you don’t give people much time to think, then during the survey “what kind of work does a woman associate with for you”, they will respond guided by professions inspired by traditional outdated values.
The most interesting thing is that often in a team leader is not as important as team members!”

Elena Mahota, founder of parallel services beauty centers for business women Legend New York

“Entrepreneurship is hard work!
It is not always easy to rely on your team, because these are people who follow us and stand behind us. It is not easy to show your weakness. But I have been practicing this recently and get productive feedback from the team.
Entrepreneurship is that develops in a woman ability to inspire those people who are behind you and at the same time bear responsibility to customers.”

Angela Gracheva, PhD in Economics, MBA (Kingston University Business School), Communications coach, member of International Coaching Association

“There is an expression by Cheryl Sanberg (Google COO) - “Career is not a ladder - it is a liana!” - it is speaks my mind.
As soon as you go your way, the whole universe helps you. As soon as I began to follow the call of my heart, and not what others around me wanted, everything began to accomplish literally in one day!
Lessons that I learned from my “banking life”:
- the first is never be afraid.
- second - alliances - you definitely need alliances with people who will support you, and you will support them
- the third is about communication. Communication should be very passionate, only passionate communication people believe.”

Elena Tyabutova, CEO "Siberian Alcoholic Group"

“My corporate goal - the future comes today!
Changes always lead to the best - do not be afraid of them - manage them!
The first thing that any woman leader brings to the business is emotional intelligence.”

Elena Latysheva, founder of "Expert" company

“The lack of boundaries expands our personal opportunities.
One of my most conscious roles is a role of mother. And we all go through this role in life and beat it in our work with our employees.
The most important thing in management is of course the competence of you as a leader and change management, transformation management.”

Victoria Popilkova, CEO "Showcase A"

“Everyone faced situations where there was wild fatigue, and there was still a lot of work ahead and you had to support yourself with something. In this situation, I imagine the sea, sunset and a situation of absolute calm and happiness.
It is necessary to give each child home and a loving family.”

Anna Savchuk, director of Saint-Petersburg women political club

“Women differ from men in politics. Woman will never get involved in a battle without knowing the rules of the game.
There is an unwritten rule in politics - women are not nominated as candidates because there are few chances to get elected.
I like to start each of my speeches with Madeleine Albright’s famous phrase “Women who do not help other women have a special place in hell.”

Sabina Yagizarova, Corporate Affairs (CA) Manager

“Creativity strives within and relates to inner freedom. It definitely has nothing to do with gender or other differences. If you want to expand your creativity, you need to Have out of the box thinking, get rid of stereotypes, take risks, feed the imagination from all sources surround you. The result will exceed all your expectations-you will realize that the sky is the limit!

Victoria Danilchenko, TV Host, head of Collegium of Advocates

“When you have to communicate with CEOs (not only in Moscow, but throughout Russia) you encounter primary neglection, but when you start to “tell out with your brain” what is right and what is wrong, then gender is no longer important.
For every woman, there is a great fear of entering the business for the simple reason - they themselves are their enemies (the phenomenon of fear of success).
The rule - it is impossible everyone to like you - is always relevant .”

Anna Belova, Game changer

“A new normality is taking place in the world.
There is a theory of three contraverse trends in the modern world
- Asymmetry. Now not only equals can compete with each other. The technological revolution has generated new qualities.
- Complexity. The reaction of the systems that make up the more complex systems is very often unpredictable.
- Natural uncertainty. Lack of long-term planning.”

Nadia Cherkasova, deputy chairman of the board of the bank "Otkrytie"

“It is necessary to support women's entrepreneurship at the state level, thereby increasing the overall level of business.
We need to engage in popularization, an educational program, a financial program (a loan program for women. As statistics show, women have a lower share of delay due to social responsibility) and sales markets.”

Marina Tarnopolskaya, Managing Partner Kontakt Intersearch Russia

“The main thing is to love your job.
A woman can actually do much more, and women who can consider strategy and business management have to follow that path.”

Marina Liborakina, Technabacksport

“We are probably the first generation of women who managed to live through several careers. You have to live long enough, to see the fruits of your labor.”

Svetlana Ivchenko, "Nornikel", director of department of social policy

“The secret of many women is that we see a future that does not yet exist. And so we burn and want to be there that we ourselves create it.
One must believe even when it is not even tangibly yet.”

Elena Mikhalenkova, director of "Sodis"

“The passion for traveling is in the depths of each of us. It is what makes us study, work and earn money in order to be able to see a great beautiful world.
Clear the road for those who going forward! There is nothing new in this phrase, but this is exactly what makes me move on.”

Elena Ulyanova, fond ": Equal Opportunity"

“Life is very ramified, you don’t betray what you are doing in life, otherwise you will have to start from scratch.
No business today is possible without a code of kindness and social component.
Only today, realizing that we can do good through our actions, the world becomes completely different for us.
You don’t have to save the whole world - reach out and help one person!”