WIC-F | Moscow, 2018

WIC-F | Moscow, 2018

Moscow Edition of Women Influence Forum, March 5, 2018


Our immense respect to all the participants, whose opinion will determine the further movement and scaling of the project creating a new global strategy of women's influence.

It was a complex and very sensitive talk about issues of injustice, motherhood, self-confidence and humanistic values, about anxiety for the future.

For us the main emotional trace of the Forum can be expressed in a word AUTHENTIC. True stories, sincere women, not artificial, deeply important topics.

Dear ladies, thank you for being just yourself, with the mission to transform the world, making it better, more balanced, more harmonious, more honest!

We are pleased to share the main insights of the Moscow edition:

  • No limits. The ability to find unthinkable decisions in situations that seem hopeless. We call it the all-conquering life force.

  • We confirm that it is natural for women to assess today's achievements through the framework of the future. To feel responsibility and to care for the future.

  • Motherhood is leadership, because the leader takes all responsibility and changes the status quo. But at the same time, if we talk about how we influence the world through motherhood, it is more difficult and less organic emotion than to discover the colossal influence of motherhood and children on us. It’s a fact that the realization of the role of motherhood becomes a revelation for many women. A whole set of insights emerge from the blind zone, and the existing complexes disappear forever.

  • Hard inner emotions on the edge of finding and losing the meaning of life are overcome through patience and acceptance. They become the drivers of growth.

  • Creating a bank retail, this is creativity! What a statement! In the "Creator" panel, three of the four speakers were financially educated. It is easy for us to understand activities and results not institutionally, but fundamentally.

  • If a woman finds, often contrary to public stereotypes, her professional or creative passion, she can not be stopped in her activities and love.

  • We will not be given a second chance. In those areas where men are traditionally in a greater number, the demands are higher for women.

  • Most, even the most successful women did not put professional success as a key goal. Career even for the most conscious "careerists", is the achievement of something more than just matching the expectation to the parameters of life success. It can be freedom of choice, creating opportunities for others, creativity, an example for children.

  • You should not put as a goal equal cooperation with men. We need to look for application points that are organic for us and where we can be most useful to the family, the company, the city, the society, the country, the world.

  • Win-Win decisions. Women's strength is in the ability to negotiate, to listen and to perceive a wide range of opinions, the ability to take a step back and to see an issue broader and more extended.

  • A life-long experience of business partnership with a husband is an absolutely adequate way of self-realization for a woman. Out-of-competition models are organic.

  • Muses do exist! We heard the classical Muse, who does not experience any narcissistic tortures because she realizes and creates in a joint with her talented husband.

  • Muse is an illusion. An interesting development of the issue of Muses as pure inspiration, energy, inspiring illusions.

  • Being a citizen is all about responsibility. The person who improves makes a more humane, developing, comfortable social environment around him. This is the citizen who influences. Again, it is easier for women to perceive this, not institutionally (voting, participating in political activities), but by the result and the point of application of force, regardless of whether you’re the mayor of the city, the head of a charity fund or an activist in the field of inclusiveness.

  • We immediately imposed a restriction on the criticism of men, our position to seek our strength, and not those who are hindering us, not what hinders us. And to the honour of all ladies, we succeeded. Rare for women's forums. And another interesting fact, it turns men are incomparably more sacrificed to charity than women.

Speakers and delegates share their emotions

Marina Dzhashi
Among the huge number of women's forums and events, this one was especially unique. I personally liked the variety of ideas and meanings from clever and so intelligent people. I very much want to hope that we will not lost to view and will save the received charge and inspiration for wonderful new projects!

Alexandra Kaloshina
Yanina, thank you very much for the idea of the Forum, for the opportunity to see such bright people, smart and deep people, to hear exciting and inspirational stories, to find new friends and like-minded people. A few days passed, and the impressions received at the forum become only stronger.

Alina Suslova
Each story touched. All female speakers deserve great respect and admiration. A real pure inspiration!

Galina Savchenko
It's amazing to watch beautiful, smart women with so dignity to yourself and attention to others. Not ostentatious and cold, but sincere and warm, interested. The business world of successful people is now very distant and cold and a woman has to play by these "cold" rules in order to survive in the male world. I do not want to be pathetic, but the warmth, sincerity and interested attention to each other is a visiting card and a hallmark of the Forum. Very pleased! Thank you for the invitation to join.

Violetta Gof
Beautiful women in all forms. In personal, business communication. Confident, kind, cool. With dignity to yourself and others!

See some of the speakers' presentations shared at WIC-F, Moscow 2018:

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