Olena Sibiriakova

Olena Sibiriakova

CEO of " ROST" Group | Ukraine

Since 1996 – Olena Sibiriakova works in consulting and public relations – for business and politics. She managed more than 20 election campaigns in Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan for top national politics (among them – Viktor Yushchenko, Valeriy Khoroshkovskyi).

Since 1998 – founder and co-owner of the Rost Group company.

Company Profile: Rost Group, a company of Ukrainian origin, has a range of businesses devoted to development of pharmaceutical operations of the multinational companies in Ukraine. Also, IT portfolio of RostBrand includes projects conducted for IT, pharmaceutical, and photo- and video equipment industries. RostGroup has been an outsourcing company – innovator in marketing, HR, IT and PR solutions.

Since 2010 – Programs Manager of Foundation for Good Politics.

Olena Sibiriakova currently a professor at the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts.

She is also a member of Aspen Ukraine Initiative by Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

Innovative Platform

Since 2008 – the project chief of SINCE (affiliated patent by WIPO, 2013[11]). It is a program solution for integration of web, TV and new media to create, exchange and drive information to a new level.

Olena Sibiriakova addresses: “There’s no news in the fact that online streaming has become a routine nowadays. New TV formats and new generation interactive platforms for social activity, uniting people and being born due to new means of internet communication – that’s important”.

The launch of SINCE marketing and investment exposure is planned in the beginning of 2014.

Public Activities and Books

In 2007 Olena Sibiriakova had published her first book titled "Course of Events".

In 2012, Sibiriakova presented for the public her new novel "Ukraine. G-Spot".[18][19] The new book covers personal narrative of woman-spin doctor. It's about 'elections, about how to make a million and about the profession, which doesn't exist".[20] Documentary evidence of modern Ukrainian history are interwoven in the book with a symbolic line of flash G – innovation, alternative Internet, which begin hunting for the strongest world powers, Russia, China, USA and the Arab world.

2010 – made an analytical presentation "Local Elections in Ukraine: in Search of a Democratic Model” in Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.

Since 2014 - Sibiriakova is a member of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.