Janicka Bassis

Janicka Bassis

Founder of WWIRE, is one of the first women directors in the French capital markets | UK

Janicka Bassis, Founder of WWIRE, is one of the first women directors in the French capital markets. After 30 years of successful career, Janicka Bassis has chosen to focus on women's leadership in the real estate sector around the world by creating the first women's network Collective Real Estate WWIRE World Women In Real Estate.

Janicka Bassis, founder of WWIRE created in 2012 and now over 4 000 members including 560 men in 51 countries was the first women director in the French real estate capital markets since 1987. Recognized among the leading investors and property professionals and has advised investors in over 5 billion euros in real estate property. Janicka and WWIRE will provide Women leads in real estate to grow your business and friends at the same time.

With the launch of new conference format, she decides to create a collaborative real estate ecosystem "100% Inspiring and Innovative Women Collaboratives".

The vocation of Janicka Bassis has always been to make visible and audible Women who undertake real estate. Its network of more than 25,000 real estate executives allows it to share a tremendous knowledge of the real estate market, and develop dynamic networks.

WWIRE believes in the talent and strength of women. Its vocation has always been to make them visible and audible, to highlight their backgrounds and their experience, which is why Wwire regularly gives them the floor, on the radio, on their website or on social networks. Wwire also wants to promote the image of exemplary companies in terms of gender equality and women's equality in the workplace.

The WWIRE team encourages you to join them and register as a member Feel free to follow WWIRE on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

Cross-sector aims:

• Improve gender equality with equal pay

• Advance and recognize those companies that promote women within their work place and across the industry. (Ex: best real estate companies for women to work for)

• Gender Marketing Advise on marketing to audiences of men and women
• International Certification GEEIS

• Advise on cross border transactions / partnership

Services for individuals:

• Job opportunities

• Advise on personal branding

• Provision of networking events for women in the real estate industry

• Promoting the visibility of women Real Professionals