Asya Biskup

Asya Biskup

Top manager in Energy industry

A woman must be successful and a leader in her life. Be sure to be happy!

The philosopher Plato (5th-4th centuries BC) believed that people are born by nature different, and the highest justice is that everyone does what he likes to which he has a natural inclination. The Thinker Aristotle was looking for a definition of the best traits of a leader. He explains leadership by the presence of special qualities: intelligence, ability to resolve and foresight, goodwill, courage, humanity, integrity, fairness, prudence, management experience. Aristotle identifies three qualities that a leader must possess in order to gain the trust of his followers: practical wisdom or prudence, virtue and benevolence. Thus, the reputation of a worthy leader is formed by the merger of these features: practical wisdom allows a person to make the right judgments about private matters; virtue encourages to express their opinions honestly and fairly; benevolence ensures that he will give the best advice.

One of the most important qualities of a leader are: the desire for self-improvement and the desire to share the accumulated knowledge.

My success story:

- this is the success of my professional activity;
- this is the success of my hobbies;
- these are achievements of my life.

Based on a lot of experience, I consider myself a professional in my field. I am glad to share my professional knowledge and skills. In the oil business since the beginning of 1996. She started working as an executive director of KomiNeft; then "KomiTEK"; General Director of EuroNeft. About 5 years in ALROSSA company in the position of executive director. For more than 15 years I have been working in one of the largest international oil engineering company.

I like to learn new things. I study all the time. I am interested to communicate with everyone. Each person carries information into our society, information that is interesting, new, which one wants to learn and accept.

In my opinion, a modern woman faces only one problem - this is the time! From her nature, a woman has life-affirming qualities (to create a family, have children, to know herself and convey the diversity of life concepts, etc.). At the same time, she needs to engage in self-improvement. Woman in the house. At work, on vacation! Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to delegate the solution of certain issues. Leave time for education, career growth and personal development.

A woman must have a dream! “To accomplish great things, I’m sure you must first dream of great things,” wrote Conrad Hilton, founder of the hotel chain of the same name ...

The most important changes are made with the support of women all over the world! Humanity needs a female genius ... We live on a planet where the mind is divided into male and female - the logical and creative beginning. Only a symbiosis of male and female thinking gives the best results. Man and woman complement each other.

Recently, more and more trust the female mind and intuition, and there is a lot of evidence. For example, in Europe and Russia, women are beginning to occupy the posts of presidents, first ministers, heads of judicial authorities, large commercial companies.

A female leader is distinguished by an orderly mind and a kind heart, harmoniously manifested in everything.

I hope that by becoming part of the Woman-Influence-Community, I will open up new horizons for both professional and creative growth.

There is always a desire to move forward to success, changing the world around you for the better. This is my leadership philosophy.