Elena Ivanova

Elena Ivanova

Chief Booker of the largest international agency of models "Andy Fiord Models" | Russia

I choose Muse Influence. I’m on the way for Fashion about 20 years already. I was a model, I finished university with this profession-fashion-designer, I did 17 fashion Festivals in my home city and a lot other shows. I opened few famous Top models for the world and still in love with the industry which helps for women to be independent how for models and also giving opportunity to build the own style and help a lot for life and careers for everyone.

I always felt deep inside the way which I should go and all my experiences and knowledge working for me now more and more.

Model in Nizhnii Novgorod Model House, Textile University in Moscow, Model for top stylist Sergey Zverev, Director of Models agency ACC, 17 Fashion Festivals from 1996-2004, booker in Noah models and opened top models Anna Vialitcina, Sasha Pivovarova Tanya Dyagileva. Now head booked Andy Fiord models, stylist consultant for New Orbit training center.

I believe in women deep wise about the life. And wish for women to have open chance to choose their life way.

I wish the world can finally understand huge and indispensable role of the women in all ways of world developing.

Work hard to develop our self for mindfulness life and sensibleness for the world.