Lena Bäcker

Lena Bäcker

Co-Founder and President at Good Government Affairs, Committee Member at UNEDUCH - Universal Education Charter, Honorary Board Member of the top-level International Diplomatic Business Club's in both UK and UAE, International top-relations, Global Award Winner 2018 “Relations of the Future”, Global Goodwill Ambassador, Sweden

As born in Sweden, one of the most gender equality countries of the world and with a quite hard childhood in a poor family I learned quite quick to be very strong and what influence is about. To chance things. I decided at the age of 14 years that I wanted to be different than the others in my family, to live my own life and for doing good things for the world. I did a carrier with tasks always in my heart. To chance, to influence and to do good things for others.

I remember when I got my first job at managerial level. I was working with a male colleague at the same level as myself. The second day, he came into my office with a list of addresses and envelopes for a circular we were sending out. He asked me to type the addresses on the envelopes. I went to my boss and asked him to go through my job description with me and my colleague — just to make sure we understood my role. Then I talked to my colleague in a calm and friendly manner. I offered to type some of the envelopes, but also to show my colleague how to type addresses on the rest of the envelopes himself. As a woman, you don’t have to be a man. But you do have to be competent and to show your competence clearly and quickly. It is strange how much we have done and how much who need to be done. To be a mother was the finest thing in my life. Everyday I tell them to be strong and chance the world to something better. We need is today larger than ever.

One month ago I met a Prime Minister in the world, a male, as the President of Good Government Affairs, I had a discussion by my own with him of how our top level firm in the best way can support the development of the country. To a modern country with human rights, strong rule of law, education-, health care reform for the people. To make a new life for the citiziens. During one year everyone had told me in that country that they was very much equal in the society. I could not see it. Suddenly he tells me that he need help with the gender equality and I was thinking, yes, finally someone who understand. I made the decision to tell truth, I told him, dear Honary Prime Minister I fully understand what you are talking about. I can notice that it is not so easy for women, smart and a leader at the same time in this country. He laughed loudly. - Yes, I know he replied. And if you also is beautiful we can not think anymore. It is to much. That country is about 30-years after Sweden in gender equality. My story is no different from millions of other women’s stories but all of us have the possibility and power to influence the world to what we want it to be.

Networking has certainly been key in helping my career and that is the key for how citizens can impact the future on a global level. To create cooperation, diplomacy and peace. And it’s been business-critical since I started my own company. Over the years, I have built up a huge network also on social media — mainly on LinkedIn and Facebook. I recommend to all businesswomen (and men, too, for that matter) that they should cultivate their networks. People do business with people — and women often have well-developed people skill. If you offer and give to others, people will usually give you something in return.

The motto I want to share is: “Kindness is a language the blind can see and the deaf can hear.”

Traditional bio:

Over 25 years' experience of specialised work at the highest strategic levels in governments, state agencies, private companies and NGO.

Today I'm Founder of Good Government Affairs with former Ministers, Deputy Minister, Director Generals and other high levels assisting Presidents and Prime Ministers in the world to create strong and sustainable growth. We also handle bilateral relations, diplomacy and investments between different countries/governments.

Owners and boards at Good Government Affairs: former Deputy Minister Roger Mörtvik, me and former Minister Mats Hellström. I'm also appointed as Committee Member at UNEDUCH/United Nation, Honorary Board Member of the top-level International Diplomatic Business Club's in both UK and UAE with Royals, Diplomats and Business Leaders and Board Member at Paneuropean Union with former Imperial Princess Walburga Habsburg Douglas as Chairwoman. Global Award Winner 2018 for the Prize ”Relations of the Future”.

The posts I held before include Enforcement Director at charge for rule of law, supervision of the large Saab bankrupty, the Swedish financial rescue package "Taskforce for Greece" by the international Troika (IMF/European Commission/ECB), Chairwoman for the think tank for governments EAPB' Chief Economists Network in Brussels, Senior Advisor at Middle East (GCC States) high-level W4SG, high-level government cooperations with Turkey, Georgia.

I have an extremly good top-level network of PM, Presidents, governments, ambassadors, large international organisations and the corporate sector in the world.

Government Affairs, Global/Good Governance, diplomacy, human rights, international relation, foreign/public policy, Emerging Markets, politics, management, strategy, combat poverty, financial system, exclusive branding, investments, capacity building, education, marketing, urban development, gender equality, inclusion, welfare, infrastructure, influence, media, crises management, rule of law, prevent/combat crimes are some areas with large experience.